Public Hearing for CDBG

A Public Hearing will be held via conference call on October 13, 2020 at 5:45 prior to the regular scheduled board meeting regarding the use of Federal Community Development funds in the Village of Gowanda. COVID meeting requirements and space restrictions are resulting in a conference call public hearing for participation.

Call in number 1-515-604-9627
Access Code: 504 584

The Village of Gowanda is eligible for a Federal Community Development Grant under Title I of Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended.
The purpose of the Hearing is to provide an opportunity for citizens to express community development and housing needs and to discuss possible eligible projects which would benefit low- and moderate-income persons in the Village of Gowanda.  Anticipated eligible projects include sidewalk repair and replacement, business parking lot resurfacing and repair, and the continued support of the Rural Transit Service.
Citizens are urged to call in to this meeting to make known their views and/or written proposals on the Village of Gowanda’s selection of potential projects to be submitted for possible funding by the Federal Community Development Grant Program.
The Hearing will also present a review of prior Community Development projects and expenditures and a discussion of eligible activities.