Village Board (Board of Trustees)

Gowanda Board Meeting

Board 2018

In the Village of Gowanda, a Village Board, consisting of the Mayor and Board of Trustees, serves as the primary governing body of the Village. The Village Board endeavors to maintain sound fiscal policies and provide quality and low-cost services to residents and local businesses.

Trustees are elected for a two-year term, with two Trustees being elected every other year. The Mayor’s term is for two years as well. Currently, Trustees for the Village of Gowanda are:

Wanda Koch  | Carol Sheibley, Deputy Mayor  |   Pete Sisti    |  Paul Zimmermann

Village Board meetings are held once a month on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Village Hall on East Main Street. Most generally, work sessions begin at 5:00 PM prior to the meeting. To formally appear before the Board on any issue, you should contact the Village Clerk by the Thursday prior to the meeting to be placed on the agenda.

In Gowanda, each Trustee coordinates and serves as a liaison for general service areas.


Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Liaison          Wanda Koch                                                           

Disaster Coordinator Liaison                                      Carol Sheibley                                                        

Fire Department Liaison                                             Carol Sheibley                                                        

Highway Department Liaison                                     Peter Sisti                                                                

Police Department Liaison                                         Wanda Koch                                                          

Recreation Department Liaison                                  Carol Sheibley                                                        

Village Administration Liaison                                  David Smith                                                            

Water Department Liaison                                          Carol Sheibley                                                         

Waste Water Department Liaison                              Paul Zimmermann       

Committee Assignments

Committee                                                                  Member                      Member                 

Audit Committee                                                        Carol Sheibley            Wanda Koch

Beautification, Parks, and Trees                                 Peter Sisti                                              

Budget Officer                                                            David Smith                                                           

Building and Sidewalk Maintenance                          Carol Sheibley                                                       

Cattaraugus Creek Basin Task Force                          David Smith                Paul Zimmermann      

Employee Negotiation                                                David Smith                Paul Zimmermann

Fire Commissioner                                                      Carol Sheibley            Paul Zimmermann

Gowanda Central School                                            David Smith                                                            

Police Commissioner                                                  David Smith                                                            

Solid Waste and Recycling                                         Carol Sheibley            Wanda Koch  

Water and Waste Water Commission                         Village Board