Memorial Day Weekend Yard Sales


Please follow these protocol regulations for COVID 19 safeties

Masks: Wear a mask at all times that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and others

Tables: Tables must be set up in a manner where arrow or directions are given to an entrance and exit.

Distances: Stay 3-6 feet apart from other’s when shopping at tables.

Hand Sanitizer: Sanitizer must be provided by homeowner’s at entrances and exits for your customers.

Home owners of yard sales will be responsible for enforcement of these protocols at all times, it will NOT be the responsibility of the Village or Town.  Spot checks may be done!

Emergency Manager/Village of Gowanda

Nick Crassi

Budget Hearing and Special Meeting

A public hearing on the Budget will be held at the Village of Gowanda Municipal Hall, 27 East Main Street, Gowanda, New York on March 23, 2020 at 5 PM to consider the same before final adoption.  The public can participate in the hearing by conference calling 716-532-3449 entering pin code 1234. A draft copy of the budget is available at the Village Hall.

At 4:45 PM on March 23rd, a special meeting will take place for the purpose of the Board of Trustees to adopt the Police Policy Reform.