Neighborhood Watch Program

Mission Statement:

Neighborhood Watch is simply a program of neighbors watching out for each other. The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program is to create an alert neighborhood by using simple crime prevention methods. To help our local police department by becoming the eyes and ears of the community. To unite the business community and the law abiding citizens with the local Government and Law Enforcement agencies. To be proactive in law enforcement. To empower people to remain in control of their communities. To lower crime rates and  keep property value high, while improving and enhancing the quality of life for all residents.

What is the Neighborhood Watch Program you might ask?

Neighborhood Watch is a return to the “old-fashioned” days when neighbors took care of neighbors and communicated with police. It is a network of different neighborhoods working together. The program helps reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim.  It helps a community become stronger and more unified.

For instance, during hot or cold weather, neighbors can check in on each other. ‘ Neighborhood Watch lets neighbors know that someone will be there in case of a personal crisis such as a fire, flood, or crime. ‘Neighborhood Watch provides a forum for programs as well as an opportunity to meet officials in the Community. It is a very effective program to prevent crimes such as burglaries, assaults and crimes related to drugs. Neighborhood Watch promotes awareness that will help ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, as well as your neighbors. All of us are concerned about becoming the victim of a crime, but none of us can fight crime alone. Not even the police can do it without our help. Isolating ourselves behind locked doors, not knowing our neighbors actually can make it easier for burglars and other criminals to take advantage of our neighborhood. What we ask is really quite simple, pick up the newspaper or mail when your neighbors are away on vacation. You can also keep an eye out for unusual activity including a strange person snooping around the neighborhood. If you see these suspicious activities, please alert the police. Help us decide the best way to protect our neighborhood by voicing your concerns to us. Let’s come together to organize this program and get our Neighborhood Watch program back up and running effectively. Please contact me at the email listed below and let me know if you are interested in attending any Neighborhood Watch meetings in our community. This meeting will be held at a later date, time TBA. This will include the members of the Community Connection group.

Contact for more information: Tom Povhe via email at: